Terms & Conditions Laptop Repair Mumbai - PC Clinic

Our operating hours are 10 am to 9 pm. IST, Mondays to Saturdays except Public Holidays. Goods submitted for diagnosis/repairs/modification and/or replacement can be collected between 11 am & 8 pm IST, by prior call only

  • Laptop Repair, Desktop Repair Policy
  • All products are physically verified while receiving at PC CLINIC. In case our engineers find a new issue/s in the device during or after repairs, such issues will be treated as a new case and subject to a new quotation. Quotations for repairing the same will be communicated to you separately and will be processed only after your approval & indemnification of payment. In order efficiently repair/calibrate/modify your device, it is absolutely necessary for PC Clinic to receive correct information specifying what’s wrong with the product and what faults are occurring with device that you want PC Clinic to repair/correct and/or modify. You should understand and agree that PC Clinic shall not be liable or responsible for the outcome of any repairs carried out with the intention of correcting the faults as described by the customer. PC Clinic reserves the right to inform and guide the customer on best effort basis about usual outcomes in day to day functioning noticed in similar machines when modified to the same specification as requested by the customer and it is left up to the customer to decide whether such a calibration is in their best

  • Laptop Repair, Desktop Repair Diagnosis Fee:
  • PC Clinic Service charge for all subsequent diagnosing, troubleshooting & repairs will be charged separately. A minimum service charge of Rs.450/-per device (non-negotiable) is applicable for diagnosis of each & every device submitted, per submission. This service charge is applicable under all circumstances, even if the customer decides not to carry out the repairs/calibration/modification with PC Clinic post diagnosis. However, the service charge will be treated as advance payment in case the customer agrees with our diagnosis and submits the device for repairs/calibration and/or modification to PC Clinic and the same will be deducted from the “Net Amount Due” during full & final settlement of the invoice. Charges for pick-up & delivery of device, repairs and/or replacement are charged separately and in addition to this service charge and are subjective in nature. Please enquire with our customer service team for further details

  • Laptop Repair, Desktop Repair Payment Terms:
  • Quotation & charges for all services, repairs and modifications are reasonable, final & non-negotiable. Please do not bargain during full & final settlement of outstanding payments, as agreed upon & quoted in the original invoice. Your product will not be returned to you until the full payment is received. PC Clinic retains a security interest in your device (including but not limited to its individual parts and data contained therein) until & unless the full payment is made and PC Clinic retains the right to sell or auction the same to pay for any outstanding dues if full payment is not received within 15 days of Call-closed date i.e. date on which you are informed-either verbally over the phone or via email/messenger about your repairs being completed. If the proceeds of the sale/auction are less than the amount due by the customer, the customer will still be liable to pay the remaining balance to PC Clinic. PC Clinic reserves the right to forfeit the difference in case of surplus on sale/auction of such goods.

  • Cheque Return Charges:
  • Delivery is made against CASH payment only. Payment for repairs/replacement of parts should be made in ADVANCE. Personal cheques and company cheques are not accepted without prior arrangement and are subject to cheques -return charges of Rs. 450/- per cheques, in case of cheques deposited and returned, irrespective of financial reason. All parts replaced will become the property of PC Clinic unless explicitly stated otherwise.

  • Customer’s Responsibilities:
  • Goods delivered for repairs/replacement/modifications and all relevant accessories are deemed to be owned by the depositor and are deposited at the Customers own risk. PC Clinic will not be responsible for losses arising due to theft, fire (electrical or otherwise), floods, natural calamities, peace, war, terrorism, Acts of God and/or the Devil. At any time, total value of claim cannot exceed and is limited to the advance payment already made by the customer. All disputes are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only. Customers are requested to check devices thoroughly for accessories plugged-in(like SD cards etc.) and authenticate the device by putting their initial/signature on the parts & accessories like screen, RAM, keyboard, battery, DVD writer, hard disks and charger deposited, prior to submission, as a proof of identification of goods submitted and it is the deemed responsibility of the customer to ensure that they verify the same on receipt of the goods and to bring any discrepancies to the notice of PC Clinic before accepting delivery of the product. PC Clinic will not be liable for any discrepancies once the customer has taken the delivery of the product and the device leaves the premises of PC Clinic.

  • Laptop, Desktop spares Replacement Policy
  • Goods replaced are subject to terms & conditions of the warranty provided by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Warranty/RMA by Company Authorized Service center only. We offer delivery and pick-up of goods to/from the Service Center for Warranty replacements/RMA on chargeable basis. Charges are per device, per submission basis and the amount depends upon the number of devices to be submitted, distance to the nearest Authorized Service Centre and the urgency of the customer & the same needs to be confirmed with PC Clinic before submitting the goods. Goods delivered to and picked-up from the Service Center are on as-is basis. PC Clinic is not liable for quality and/or functional issues with any repairs/replacements/modification carried out by the Authorized Service Center and such repairs are deemed to be approved and authorized by the customer. PC Clinic is also not liable for any faults that arise after the device is delivered in working condition to the customer, on good-faith basis. Charges for submission/resubmission of defective goods for RMA/Warranty replacement/ diagnosis/repairs will have to be borne by the Customer. Although PC Clinic & our engineers are committed to practicing due care while delivering goods to and collecting goods from the Service Center, PC Clinic assumes no responsibility and is not liable for any loss or damage caused to the unit and/or its data while in transit to/from the Service Center.

  • Warranty Policy
  • All repairs of out-of-warranty parts are warranted for 15 days from Call-Closed date. This warranty applies only to those items which were found defective and repaired. It does not apply to products in which no defects were found and returned to the customer as-is or merely recalibrated. All Warranty stands voided if repair seals are broken or tampered with by the customer or their agent. Terms of warranty varies from If you have any queries or need further clarifications on any of the above terms, please feel free to approach our customer service team before you sign this invoice, to ensure that you have completely understood the terms and are thoroughly satisfied with this binding agreement-PC CLINIC