learn laptop repair
laptop repair

Learn Laptop Repair – How to Repair a Laptop on your Own

Most Important Steps If your Laptop is not working.

Step 1. Take a Backup of your crucial Data

If your machine is still working, be sure to back up the entire hard-drive (or at least your most important documents) before you start. Copy the whole of your “My documents” (or “Documents” on a Linux machine) onto a USB flash drive or burn it onto a CD-ROM. (If it’s not too big, you could even upload it to cloud storage.) If your computer won’t boot to let you back it up, you may be able to boot it from a CD-ROM or startup floppy (remember those?) and then copy files that way. (Another handy tip: if you’re familiar with Linux, you might be able to boot using a Linux live CD, mount the Windows partition, and then copy the files onto an external flash drive inside Linux.) If you’re pretty sure the hard drive is intact, you may want to remove that and put it somewhere safe before you try other repairs. You’ll generally be able to read the hard drive from one machine in another, though you probably won’t be able to boot up from it in a different machine.

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